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Training Event Page

Training Event Page

Internetrix Digital Analytcis training is aimed at helping individuals and organisations at all levels of understand to improve their knowledge of Google and IBM digital analytics products.

We offer a range of courses from Introductory to Advanced that will help you and your organisation improve your knowledge and capabilities with the products, data analysis and online performance. Teaching you the tools helping to help your organisation win online.

Our customised training is for individuals and businesses, we educate our clients to help them understand their digital intelligence. Our IBM and Google training curriculums are structured to allow you to take control and manage your digital transformation, by learning more about data, your customers and their journey through your digital presence.


What can you expect from Internetrix analytics training?

  • Comfortable environment
  • Custom content presentation and interaction
  • Hands on workshops in the product
  • Q & A 
  • Free WiFi connection
  • Refreshments and Something to eat
  • Certificate of Completion


Internetrix provides international expert trainers on the Google and IBM products with many years of experience speaking to and training organisations of all sizes.